Professional Consultation

Professional Consultation

Many specially trained clinicians at 3Rivers Center are available for professional consultation. Please read below for specific areas of consultation.





Certified Imago Relationship Consultation

Becoming a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist requires training with a master Imago trainer over a period of six months. To become certified, IRT International also requires six months of supervision, which provides you with individualized attention and feedback on your work.

Imago Relationship therapists are required to become certified through a special course, before they can supervise other clinicians working toward their IRT Certification. Tim Higdon and Stephen Ledyard have completed that certification process and are qualified to supervise your IRT certification path.

Imago Relationship Certification Supervision—Tim Higdon

Imago Relationship Certification Supervision—Stephen Ledyard

Oregon State Certified Supervisor

Tim Higdon MS LPC—If you are seeking to become an Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I have the background, passion, and expertise to help you reach your counseling goals. If you are looking to build a private practice and improve your marketing capability then you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Not only do I have the training and consultation certification to assist you, but I also have professional experience as an Oregon licensed professional counselor. With 30 years experience as a director of residential and community programs and private practice, I believe you will find me uniquely qualified to assist your development in becoming an Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor. I am also a certified supervisor for Licensed Professional Counseling Internship.

Contact Tim Higdon for more information about Oregon State Certification