Family Counseling

Family Counseling

There are many types of families. Many families have parents with children that are biological, step, adoptive and/or fostered. Some are families where parents are divorced and children live in two households. Some include grandparents or aunts or uncles. Family therapy can involve all these variations, including people who don’t live under the same roof like adult children, elder parents, adult brothers and sisters or other people you care deeply about who feel like family.

Past hurts and ongoing friction can damage or break family connections. Through family counseling, skillfully working with family members and bringing them together can help people listen, understand, heal, and find ways to work out differences. Broken connections can be restored and families can find a path to relax and enjoy each other once again.

Parenting Support

All parents sooner or later feel like they do not know what they are doing! And why should they?  As in many areas of life, parents often have not been taught or learned enough tools to always successfully navigate the issues that come up with their children. Unfortunately often this leads to frustration, discouragement and the feeling that someone is “bad”–either the child or the parent or both. If we can start with the assumption that no child is inherently “bad” and that any parent who honestly wants their child to thrive is a “good” parent who simply needs some help, then we are on the road to success.

Parents can be supported in  being the best parent they can be through the parent consultation, support groups and educational workshops that 3Rivers Center counselors offer.