What We Do

What We Do

Our highly trained therapists have expertise in many areas of mental, emotional and relational health, targeting different age groups and life challenges.

Private Counseling and Therapy sessions offer opportunities for individuals, couples and families to experience growth and healing. Sessions for individuals are typically 1 hour; for couples 1 1/2 hours. The length and frequency of sessions can be scheduled to suit your particular needs.

Workshops, Groups and Classes are going on throughout the year facilitated by our trained clinicians. Check the page for details.

We have organized each counseling and mental health issue on pages that break-out each modality. This will help you find the area that you are exploring and gain more information.

You will be able to see which therapists specialize in certain areas and find contact information for them, so that you can begin your journey to health and well-being. If a specific therapist isn’t mentioned, all 3Rivers Center therapists work in that area.