Tim Higdon MS LPC

Tim Higdon MS LPC

“Whether you are married, in a committed relationship or single there is hope.Whether you are on the edge of divorce, want a lasting relationship, or are just beginning a relationship you want to keep—there are tools and information that will help you learn to create and sustain lasting love.”

—Tim Higdon

You may think you are incompatible with your partner, but actually incompatibility is grounds for a great relationship, despite what online dating services will tell you. We don’t marry ourselves, we marry someone who is other than us. All couples have a learning curve when it comes to building a Rock Solid relationship where both partners feel loved by the other.

The really good news is we know what makes love last. It is no longer just theory or someone’s advice— science and research have found new information about how our brains work in relationship. If you are stuck in a negative emotional pattern with your partner you can both heal and grow past the fear that it can’t change. With tools and information you can fall in love again as well grow a Rock Solid relationship built to last.

Most of us feel like failures or blame our partners, if our relationship is not working. To avoid the pain of facing our problems, we become distant. Or, when we do try to breach the divide we experience conflict. We may be afraid to seek qualified professional help because it might bring up issues that make us feel worse. Think about this. If you are like most couples you received no training or education about how to keep, create and sustain a loving relationship. You probably had more training in how to drive a car.

If you are single your most important relationship is with yourself. You can learn about your own relationship patterns and prepare for a loving relationship built to last. If you have felt confusion about what happens to you in relationship, you can become aware of your responses and make the changes that will lead to a successful relationship. If you have awareness about yourself in relationship you can grow and learn the skills necessary for creating a Rock Solid relationship.

For over thirty years my relationship work with couples, individuals and families has been dedicated to turning things around. I am very approachable and down-to-earth. And I do know that you can fall in love with your partner all over again. If you are single, you can find love. You can learn how to create and sustain a Rock_Solid relationship—a love built to last. One that is safe, connected and passionate.

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  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
  • Advanced Clinician
  • Certified Imago Workshop Presenter
  • Certified Imago Consultant
  • Oregon State LPC Supervisor

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