Stephen Ledyard MA MFT

Stephen Ledyard MA MFT

“I want couples to feel confidence in my artistry, to benefit from the wisdom of my experience and enjoy the profound change this process offers them, but even more, I want them to take these very practical tools from my office into their daily lives, where they can continue to use them to transform their relationship into a deeper, more lasting intimacy.”

—Stephen Ledyard



As an expert relationship therapist, Stephen Ledyard is really, really good. But did you know that he began his ascent to the highest levels of his profession just over forty years ago as a counselor for schizophrenic adolescents? The year was 1970, and the hair was long, and blond, and the treatment center was on the north side of the U.C. Berkeley Campus. Over the next ten years Stephen would apply his love for the young people in his care to his passion for the creative arts. He was recognized by leaders in the newly evolving field of Transpersonal Psychology, presenting his innovative programs to enthusiastic participants at numerous conferences throughout the West Coast.He became Director of Creative Arts for the St. George Master’s Degree program, specializing in the clinical application of Jungian Depth Psychology to contemporary therapeutic needs. He personally guided his students through the exploration of meaning within their own life’s journey, while discovering their parallel and archetypal resonances found in dreams, literature, film, paintings—any of the infinite expressions that flow from the healing waters of the creative unconscious in service to human consciousness. By leading the student to identify the mythic patterns reflected in their own journey, Stephen then encouraged them to engage their story through the transformative language of art. The experience of that unique voice (by sound, or in movement, with words, colored by hand, or drawn as a line and flown from a tree) was among the most moving in Stephens mentoring years. He still carries the warmth of those deeply shared moments, recalling the luminous faces of his students as they blossomed in the wisdom of their own human heart.
Today,  Stephen finds that same light in most of the faces who leave his office—the countenance of healing that he has celebrated for over forty some years has revealed it’s beauty and the heart behind it, in whatever the therapeutic setting it was expressed—in Berkeley with schizophrenic adolescents, with Inyo County Mental Health patients, in his own personal creative art process (in all dynamic states), or in the twenty-five years of private practice, twenty of those counseling couples exclusively, in private practice, with his wife Bea (partner and co-parent, and co-presenter of the Imago Relationship Workshop for Couples—forty one and thirty-eight, and fifteen years respectively—Can you carry all that?) adds up to an abundance of Stephens experience and skills. When you bring your concerns to the comfort of his beautiful office, you will feel the trust he places in the art of the therapeutic process. You will experience his warmth and his humor, his strong support for couples who need not fear feeling judged or shamed. You will not be told what you need to change, you will engage directly the transformative tools that will change your relationship. And you will carry them when you leave. And your face will be shining and your heart will be full.

Counseling for: Couples, Individuals, Families, LGBT, Loss, Transitions, Creative Block Consultation

• California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
• Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
• Advanced Clinician Imago Relationship Therapy
• Certified Imago Workshop Presenter
• Certified Consultant for Imago Therapists
• Imago International Conference Presenter
• Poet, Storyteller, Community Ritual Design
• Artist and Photographer

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