Weekend Couples Workshop preferred to Counseling

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By Tim Higdon MS LPC A new trend is emerging where couples would rather spend a weekend restoring their connection than go to months of counseling. The obvious reason is the length of time involved. But, are their other advantages that are bringing couples to weekend workshops as well? To start with there are three paths couples take to restore their connection. First, they read a book (or blog, article, or newsletter) and attempt to do the exercises in the book. While gaining information and becoming educated about how to improve your relationship is important, it often falls short when it comes to actually implementing the advice and exercises. Seeking couples...

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Parents: Don’t PIC on Yourselves!

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By Bea Ledyard, MS When I am sitting with parents in my office discussing their child I always make a point to tell them that they are good parents. Why do I think that? Because they have paid attention to their child – been concerned about something – want to make it better – and have taken action by being here with me. However usually they are surprised to hear me say this and I understand why. All of us parents have an inner voice that can be very loud, harsh and shaming which I call the Parental Inner Critic (PIC). This critical part of ourselves will tell us: “If you were a good parent this… •    tantrum in the middle of Safeway •    bad behavior at...

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Left Brain vs Right Brain “Knowing”

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By Mary Meador MD I am going to be teaching a course next month at Portland State University entitled The Science of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). IPNB can be characterized as the scientific study of what it means to be human. It considers all fields of science, from physics and mathematics to psychology and anthropology, and explores the overlapping truths among them. This field aims to grasp the objective reality of subjective experience. Pretty cool, eh? The Science of IPNB course involves teaching a lot about neuroscience and the brain. Our knowledge base in this area is exploding which is both exciting and also challenging. We are learning so much, and yet we...

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3Rivers Center for Relationship introduces new website

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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