Weekend Couples Workshop preferred to Counseling

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By Tim Higdon MS LPC

A new trend is emerging where couples would rather spend a weekend restoring their connection than go to months of counseling. The obvious reason is the length of time involved. But, are their other advantages that are bringing couples to weekend workshops as well?

To start with there are three paths couples take to restore their connection. First, they read a book (or blog, article, or newsletter) and attempt to do the exercises in the book. While gaining information and becoming educated about how to improve your relationship is important, it often falls short when it comes to actually implementing the advice and exercises.

Seeking couples counseling or relationship coaching has its merits as well. Coaching teaches couples to sharpen their tools and deepen their insights to form a lasting relationship. Counseling assists couples to work past “stuck parts” in their relationship. Relationship coaching and couples counseling are both valuable resources for couples wanting to find their connection. They both teach couples tools and provide insight with the guidance of a trained professional.

The Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop gives you information, education, insight and tools to restore your connection in just one weekend. It also gives you something reading a book or going to couples counseling doesn’t have: immersion. You will spend the time with each other for a full weekend, learning about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Not only will you restore your connection, you will obtain the tools and exercises to make your love last.

The immersion factor makes a weekend workshop tough to beat. Have you ever tried to learn a new language by reading a book? It’s a good start, but taking a class really helps you hone your language skills. Then, actually going to the country where the language is spoken and using those skills, puts you on the fast track! This is why we believe more couples are opting to attend a Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop.

The Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop is said to be worth four months of couples counseling. It is a bargain at $750. Compare it to the cost of couples counseling at $160 to $190 per 90 minute session. At this workshop yo receive 20 hours of professional instruction and guidance which equals $18.75 an hour per person. And, we offer a payment plan.

The Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop is coming to Bend, OR this June 26-28, 2015. Guided by two passionate relationship experts, Tim Higdon MS LPC and Norene Gonsiewski LCSW, who have worked with couples and families with a combined experience of over sixty years. They are also the authors of the soon to be released Rock Solid Relationship: The Seven Keys To Restoring Your Connection and Making Love Last.

Find out more and register for the Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop today!